Sarah Horton is the author of ‘Being Sarah, a true story about choice, control and breast cancer‘.

Being Sarah was published in October 2010. Opinionated, outspoken and life-affirming, Being Sarah is an angry protest call, and questions the pink culture that surrounds breast cancer; and looks at the politics of the disease and our focus on cure which ignores research into prevention and environmental links to breast cancer.

Sarah’s friend, Rachel Cheetham, died of breast cancer. Sarah worked with Rachel’s mother, Mandy Cheetham, to publish Rachel’s blog as a book – The Cancer Culture Chronicles.

Sarah is a contributor to the international network, the Breast Cancer Consortium, formed by Gayle Sulik, author of Pink Ribbon Blues.

Sarah is an independent funeral celebrant, and works with families to provide individual and personal funeral services. Her partner Ronnie Hughes is a mentor and blogs about Liverpool and life in general at ‘a sense of place‘.