And I have.

The memento book, completed on my walk to remember Rach.

I am back from my pilgrimage walk for Rach. I am filled with memories, and I filled my memento book with words and images. These words:

I am so glad I did this.
To stand aside.To have the intention.
To be conscious that this is a pilgrimage. To remember.
To seek out meaningful experiences.
And I have.

I have done what I came here to do.
To consciously etch Rach into my memory.
To make sure she is there in a sunset, in the reflection of the sky in water, in the beauty of nature.
To look for her in the missing spaces. To fill them with her.
And I have.

29 September 2012, Sunset at Swarthmoor Hall.

30 September 2012, Beach at Conishead Priory.

30 September 2012, 17th century tableware at the birthplace of Quakerism, Swarthmoor Hall.

29 September 2012, the majestic ruins of Furness Abbey.

29 September 2012, me and Gemma, my walking companion, at Furness Abbey.

29 September 2012, the ancient Bow Bridge near Roose.

1 October 2012, Verbena bonariensis at Holker Hall gardens.

2 October 2012, High up on Hampsfell in the rain and hail.

2 October 2012, leaving rosemary for Rach – rosemary for remembrance – on an ash tree on Hampsfell.

I will never forget you Rach.

9 thoughts on “And I have.

  1. Yes!

    Congratulations, Sarah. I am so thrilled for you that you chose to do such a wonderful thing in memory of Rach. In fact, everything you’ve done in memory of her, and those things you did for her with Plot 44, and the videos has been an absolute inspiration to me. Your walk and memento book in particular are inspiring as memorial ideas. The way you are grieving and remembering is an inspiration, and stands as an example of what I hope will happen on a larger scale when the loss of online friends is more widely recognised.

    Take care,


  2. Sarah, this was really a demonstration of your spirit and I’ve loved reading all about it and so happy for you that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do. Thanks for this – for sharing – and thanks for all you’ve done on behalf of and in memory of our dear friend.

  3. A joy to read. Rachel is still alive in our minds and in our spirits. We have all been Blessed my knowing something about her and we are doubly Blessed for her beloved friends who are keeping her spirit alive. God bless you Sarah! Gail

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