The essence of Rach

The essence of a friend. What is the essence of Rach? How Mandy and I pondered that. In the end sections of Rachel’s book, after we’d completed the blog posts and the resources, Mandy said she wanted it to contain the ‘essence of Rach’. So, what would that be? Newman, her dog, obviously. Her beloved husband Anthony Moro. But more, her family, and all her friends from across the world who wrote and spoke tributes for her. Her love of gardening, her delight in heirloom tomatoes, her culinary skills. And more. I hope we’ve somehow captured the essence of Rach in her book.

Dear Rach, during this summer I have been wrapped in your words. In more ways than you will ever know. They surround me. All 94,000 of them. Every one is balm.I think now, of the time we had together. On an edge. Meeting on the edge. Your edge doesn’t frighten me. My edge doesn’t frighten you.

I miss you.

November 2011, Rach and her beloved dog Newman

The Cancer Culture Chronicles is the collected writing of Rachel Cheetham, who died in February 2012, aged 41, of metastatic breast cancer. Rachel began her blog in June 2009 after her second recurrence of breast cancer, and continued to write until her death.

The Cancer Culture Chronicles has been compiled and edited by her mother Mandy Cheetham, and her friend Sarah Horton. The book contains all of Rachel’s blog posts in their entirety, with notes, resources and tributes.

Available from 6th October 2012. This is a 5×8 hardback book, 384 pages and available at cost online from Blurb, price $30.95 (£21.50) plus shipping. Please note, there are no profits in this cost, so if you like the book please consider supporting Breast Cancer Action and METAvivor Research and Support, Inc. with a donation in memory of Rachel.

Download the pdf information sheet here.

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