After the publication of my book, Being Sarah, in October in 2010 I started to blog. About life in the strange period where I wasn’t not a breast cancer patient anymore, but my life certainly hadn’t returned to ‘normal’. Would it ever?

I documented my feelings during this period – through depression, more surgery, getting recognised for the book, and finding new friends in the blogosphere – notably Rachel Cheetham and Gayle Sulik.

In 2012 I decided to stop blogging. I enjoyed it, I’d made friends but my energy was spent. In 2013 I was discharged from both clinics I’ve regularly attended for seven years. I am no longer a breast cancer patient. For now. That’s all we can say. For now.

Here is a selection of the blog posts starting in November 2010 (at the bottom of the list) to 31 October 2012.