The weight of breast cancer

metastatic breast cancer

Some days the weight of it all is too much.

Here we are nearly halfway through the month of October and my self appointed task of a ‘post-a-day’. Well, I have to tell you I’m actually finding this quite hard. Hard, as in difficult. Yes, the admin of scheduling ┬áthe posts, even though I do have a plan, but things change. You know life happens – or death – so Steve Jobs gets an impromptu post. And I am indebted to Ronnie here, for his help and guidance as we look at the schedule and decide what will work.

And then there are the comments. Moving. Sometimes achingly so.

I’m saddened that there’s even enough subjects for a post-a-day, in fact there’s more than enough. I’m moved by my friends’ reactions, by what they write. By how deeply this touches people around me. Oh, but the weight of it all. Continue reading