The ‘M’ word

breast cancer survivor

The triumphal image of breast cancer survivorship - not metastatic cancer

Breast cancer culture has become symbolised by images of women wearing pink who are celebrating their survivorship. Well, I don’t mind anyone celebrating something, I don’t even mind wearing pink. But this image, that is so strong, gives the impression that breast cancer is curable, that there is an end to it, that you can joyfully be who you were before. And some women can. Some women can’t. Lives are so changed by cancer, by treatments, by surgery, by multiple surgeries, by depression, by loss, by fertility issues… and on and on the list goes. And because of the fickle nature of breast cancer there is always the possibility of recurrence. Always.

This coming Thursday, the 13th of October, it’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness day. Metastatic breast cancer is cancer that has spread from the original site of the breast. It is currently incurable. It is also referred to as Stage IV breast cancer. There is no Stage V. Continue reading