What does October mean?

Extract from Being Sarah:

October is breast cancer awareness month. Yes I support awareness, of course I do. We are all familiar with that phrase, ‘Early detection saves lives’, much used to encourage us all to take some responsibility for our own health. That somehow it is up to us, that we can stop this spread of breast cancer. I’m starting to think that it’s not up to us, actually.

And in October breast cancer becomes fully pink. Maybe you see all this pink stuff, all these things you can buy and think it is a good thing. That the money that is raised goes to research, that somehow we’re just a break away from some major research that’s actually going to end this escalating statistic, the incidence of breast cancer, now increasing rapidly in younger women, women like me and even younger. It has a big mass appeal, almost sexy really in marketing terms, this pink charity stuff, it’s good business sense. Does it make me really believe that the businesses that ‘support’ breast cancer awareness month actually care about me? Am I being cynical to think it might just be good business sense? Continue reading