Five years. Stuck on my eyes.

Summer is in the air. My fellow bloggers are writing about it.

Nancy’s Point writes about The summer that wasn’t…. I can so relate to that. My fifth summer now since diagnosis, missed the first one with surgery, the second one with side effects of treatment, the third with more surgery, and most of the fourth, last year, with depression. Ah, the long and winding road of breast cancer treatment.

Bringing up Goliath writes about anĀ Old Acquaintance, enjoying laughter and looking forward to things. But scared to jinx it by writing about it. I feel the same. Worried that the ‘good’ feelings will slip away from me if I tell everyone about them.

Chemobabe has been on vacation with her family and writes about Shifting Time, about how tense things become for us all during treatment.

“Time changes shape. Horizons shorten. The Present Tense of crisis is fueled by adrenaline, colored by anxiety. There is so much to worry about. Health. Money. Health.”

I didn’t know the ‘Present Tense of crisis’ would last so long. But it has. I only recognise that it’s been so tense particularly now by the absence of it. Continue reading